Project Description

IT Project Manager REM 2.0 Enhancements Programme

Jacobs/Atkins Joint Venture for Highways England

From: Oct 2021


REM (Rapid Engineering Model) Release 1 was successfully completed with the full migration and implementation of the multi award-winning REM desktop workflows into a cloud-based service, offered to Highways England’s design and construction supply chain. This next phase known as REM Release 2 is defined by and completely aligns current REM’s system design to Major Project’s Digital-By-Default (DbyD) roadmap and the Digital Design and Construction theme.

This phase of enhancements will support Highways England in driving forward to proactively manage risks associated with design and construction activities.

REM Release 2 will see for the first time the expansion of the cloud-based workflow service to create a single 3D virtual collaboration environment, that remains technology agnostic to support the supply chain’s varied technology stack. It will enable Highways England to massively exploit the power of data across its various systems in a single domain hosted centrally to make faster and better-informed decisions.

I have been recruited to Project Manage several of the Work Packages within this Programme of work.