Project Description

Project Manager

Interserve Support Services

From: July 2016 to December 2017

Initially recruited to take charge of a failing mobilisation project that nobody wanted. After successfully completing the project, I was extended to head up an internal Azure transformation project and then extended again to work within another division to PM a discovery piece for a data centre migration, from ‘on-prem’ to cloud.

Key Achievements

July 2016 to February 2017 – USVF Mobilisation

  • Successfully Project Managed multiple work streams of a £multimillion IT Mobilisation for DIO and the US Visiting Forces across 8 remote, secure sites and the SCC Sentinel Platform.
  • Took control of a failing project well into the timeline.
  • Instigated late, yet initial contact with the field operations teams directly effected by the mobilisation.
  • Worked with the Networks team to liaise with BT on the WAN side and internally on the LAN & WiFi side, leading all teams and stakeholders to align and coordinate.
  • Led the liaison with SCC to agree and configure the VPNs into Sentinel.
  • Led the purchasing, configuration, encryption and distribution of all Laptops & Phones in time for Go Live.
  • Took the lead in creating, planning and triggering a Plan B fallback WAN over 4G.

February 2017 to July 2017 – Azure Transformation

  • Extended in contract to manage a cloud transformation project within an InfoSec Programme. Managing the conceptual design, budgeting, resourcing and supplier engagement.
  • Sourced, engaged and qualified Bids by 3rd party providers for Azure transformation.
  • Liaised with internal Development Team, BAs & Architects to scope requirements for Transformation.
  • Engaged with InfoSec Programme Manager via daily SCRUMs to coordinate sprints with other PMs within the Programme who were sharing resources.
  • Liaised with other Programme Managers to avoid duplicated work and make most of overlaps.

September 2017 to December 2017 – Data Centre Migration

  • Contracted to PM the Discovery Phase & Costings for a Data Centre Migration & App Rationalisation.
  • Worked with Business Analyst and Solutions Architect to scope requirements of migration.
  • Liaised with 3rd Party Providers to scope costs for cloud adoption.
  • Liaised with Developers to scope and plan timeline for rationalisation and migration of Apps.
  • Created initial Project Plan, SoW and Migration plan in order to secure budget allocation.