Supercharged Podcast : The Gap Between

In September I was contacted by an old friend from my days with University of Exeter – Pete Hodges. He told me all about a Podcast he’d been hosting with our mutual friend, Chris Bradley – called “Supercharged Change & Comms” all about Digital Transformation Programmes.

During my time at UoE, one of the Projects I managed was all about preparing the 5,000 staff for Home Working. It was an extremely hectic project with a rapid & unforgiving delivery timeline. Pete & Chris both worked in Comms and they managed the comms to staff to talk them through the changes that were coming and what they needed to do to use the VPN & locate their shared drives etc. The audience was vast and extremely diverse, particularly in their IT skill levels – so the comms had to go once and land … with everyone. It was no small feat.

Pete invited me to be a guest on their Podcast and despite my initial trepidation, I really enjoyed it – and by the time it had gone through post production (removing my waffle & wandering off on tangents …) – we got a good 20 minutes of chat!

The chat was all about what happens on a project where there is no dedicated change/transformation manager to do comms … which in my experience is the norm. How, as a PM do I fill the ‘gap’.

So anyway, here’s a link to the podcast: